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Baby Boss


In the wake of a tumultuous encounter in Puerta Vallarta and a harrowing clash with Negan, I found myself in a peculiar state of innocence akin to that of a child. The loss of my eye in the ordeal seemed to have stripped away layers of my former self, leaving behind someone unrecognizably innocent and vulnerable.

Those watching over me departed, leaving me bewildered as "BABY BOSS" spoke of a memorandum of understanding (MOU). In my childlike understanding, I interpreted it as a call for family time, a notion of being cared for and protected. It seemed that anyone who harbored grievances against me was urged to reconcile, to mend their relationships with me. I was no longer to be feared but instead approached with understanding and compassion.

Yet, amidst this sense of innocence, confusion plagued my mind. The timelines of events blurred, leaving me grasping for clarity. Each morning, I brought with it a cycle of infantile cries and hunger pangs, only to be placated by a steady stream of poison disguised as sustenance in the night.

As my brain struggled to maintain balance, I oscillated between the states of adulthood and Baby. The poison continued to infiltrate my system, exacerbating the chaos within.


Caught in this tumultuous whirlwind, I remained trapped between adulthood and infancy, grappling with the consequences of past events while navigating the uncertain path ahead. Then, I was administered medications in an attempt to stabilize my condition. 

Amidst the haze of my fluctuating health, one voice emerged with a peculiar request. The architect, a figure from my past, reappeared talking about an actor, urging me to delve into UX design. The suggestion struck a chord, resonating deeply with my aspirations in 2007 to revitalize my small hometown.

Embracing the challenge, I embarked on a journey to learn the intricacies of UX design, immersing myself in the principles and practices of user experience. Yet, not merely acquiring new skills brought solace to my troubled mind. Another gentle and reassuring voice whispered the name "IDEO," prompting me to explore further avenues of innovation and creativity.

As I delved deeper into the world of design thinking, a beacon of real hope emerged not by outside whispers but by a voice within me in the form of an unexpected collaboration between Khan Academy and Pixar. This collaboration, an amalgamation of education and storytelling, reignited my passion for narrative craft. 

Through the whimsical tales spun by Pixar's master storytellers and the educational prowess of Khan Academy, I found a sanctuary amidst the chaos of my existence. With each lesson absorbed and every story dissected, I felt a sense of healing wash over me, restoring a semblance of balance to my fragmented psyche.

In the union of creativity and education, I discovered a path forward, a beacon of light guiding me through the darkness. Armed with newfound knowledge and a rekindled passion, I embarked on self-discovery and transformation, ready to breathe life into my long-forgotten dreams.

Amidst the mundanity of my days as a sales associate at Target, I sought solace in the world of words, weaving stories in the quiet corners of my mind. In the pages of Wes Anderson's books, I found refuge, his narratives guiding me through the hollow days and infusing my life with a glimmer of hope. Barnes and Noble, with its shelves laden with possibilities, became my sanctuary, a haven where my imagination could flourish.

Then, as if frozen in time, the world ground to a halt with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the stillness that ensued, I found an unexpected opportunity for healing, a respite from the relentless pace of life.

But amidst the silence, shadows began to stir once more, reconnecting me with figures from their circle – a Big Boss winner and a distributor from LA. Past connections rekindled, offering promises of work and opportunity. It was during this period that I found myself compelled to pen a story, one that delved into the dark underbelly of drug culture, portraying innocent souls from small towns ensnared by the allure of greed and criminality.

In my narrative, the cannabis plant took on a persona of its own, christened "Seelavathi," a symbol of both temptation and tragedy. Though the inspiration behind this tale remained elusive, my desire for medicinal research centers to combat the scourge of drug addiction burned bright within me.

With pen in hand, I embarked on a journey of exploration and advocacy, using my storytelling prowess to shine a light on the pressing issues of our time. As I navigated the intricacies of my newfound purpose, I held onto the hope that my words would catalyze change, igniting conversations and inspiring action to pursue a better world.


As I began to rebuild my strength and confidence, a cruel twist of fate struck once more, shattering the fragile unity of my life. Despite the initial care and support extended by the company that had once nurtured me, their ascent to success proved a double-edged sword. As their fortunes soared in the public eye, the seeds of stinginess took root within their ranks.

In a cruel turn of events, I found myself relegated to a shabby hotel, a stark contrast to the protection and comfort I had come to expect. Within those walls, the innocence of my newfound persona, the Baby Boss, was ruthlessly snuffed out by the Empire. In its place, darkness descended upon me, transforming my essence and leading me to turmoil and internal conflict.

In the depths of my despair, I found solace in the teachings of Akbar, drawing upon his wisdom and consciousness to anchor myself amidst the storm. Yet, even as I sought refuge in his teachings, my darkness fought with me, tainting my thoughts and perceptions.

In the tumult of my downfall, I found myself drawn to a newfound identity, embracing the teachings and beliefs of Islam as a means of navigating the chaos within. With each passing day, my once bright and hopeful gaze grew clouded with the shadows of my inner turmoil, a reflection of the darkness that threatened to engulf me.

As my darkness threatened to consume me, I watched with a heavy heart as the company that had once stood by me began to crumble under their greed and misdeeds. In their downfall, I saw a mirror image of my descent, a stark reminder of the consequences of straying from the path of righteousness. And so, with Akbar's consciousness as my guide, I embarked on a journey of redemption, determined to rise from the ashes of his destruction and reclaim the light he stole.

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