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Balancing The Wheel


Some may inquire about the presence of love amidst such circumstances, while others may question the whereabouts of God amidst it all.

God's presence was evident in the myriad lessons I gleaned from life's experiences from childhood, education, independent articles, books, films, religious teachings, mentors, and the wisdom imparted by my parents. To Hindus, His essence resonated in the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita; to others, in the myriad expressions I encountered. Whether it was a simple son crafting tables for the wealthy while engaging in simple conversations with his mother before becoming Jesus, Buddha's appreciation for the sweetness of existence after his enlightenment and his desire for more time before passing, or Muslims describing God's abode where love finds its home, His influence permeated diverse narratives and philosophies.

In every instance of suffering, I found solace in the eternal teachings and timeless messages that constantly reminded me. Each time I felt overwhelmed, these teachings awakened me to a deeper self-awareness of my humanity, speaking to me what I needed to hear. I listened, I remembered, and I held on to the anchor. Yes, I hoped and was saved while drowning in the middle of the ocean, but HE was the anchor, not he.

Yet the greatest of all discoveries was the love I encountered. Whether he was sinking alongside me or witnessing my grip on the anchor, it resonated like memories of floods in my homeland. There was a tale of a man clinging desperately to a tree until rescue arrived. That sturdy tree endured the fierce currents until human intervention saved him. In a parallel manner, such is the nature of this love.

Then, it extended to them from him—all the individuals who united to extract the anchor, some even diving in themselves. This is precisely the poignant lesson life imparts during its most profound moments: how humanity coalesces to offer aid, whether in minor mishaps or monumental disasters. What could embody greater love than this collective effort? I may never discern their identities, though I might encounter a few. Yet they will dissolve into anonymity, unaware of the impact of their endeavors in assisting another. Eventually, everyone else may forget, but I will remember, recognizing them not by barriers or distinctions but simply as fellow humans.

The recounting of mishaps and the insensitivity I faced in my life wasn't fueled by anger but rather by the longing for love to be acknowledged. Each individual, from fleeting encounters to significant moments, has shaped who I am today—whether through aiding in education or health or simply taking the time to read this message. It's about acknowledging the presence of love within oneself and finding genuine happiness therein. This is why I hold each of you in high regard, for I recognize my worth and believe you deserve to see yours as well. This understanding propelled me to return whenever we thought we had parted ways.

At times, the cycle of life tends to become unbalanced, with wrong actions overturning the good and vice versa. It's all about restoring equilibrium to this cycle. I'm sharing these reflections not to eradicate good or bad but to strive for balance. 

Before we part ways, I want you to understand that within you lies a blend of vices and virtues that both frustrated and endeared me to you. However, the most extraordinary and significant action is that even in moments of despair when you may not have been physically present, your insights on life or perhaps the philosophies you shared during our meaningful conversations were not forgotten. They were echoed by my heart when I needed them most. The heart, the dwelling place of love, is where divinity resides. My inner divine recognized the divine within you. Namaste.

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