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"I helped Engineers Without Borders, Los Angeles Professional Chapter, share their experiences, recruit new volunteers, collaborate with new donors, and broadcast events through a new website, photography, and video content."



RESPONSIBILITIES:  Art Direction,  Photography,         

 Web Design,  Storytelling.

“We build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs.” 

                                    - EWB, USA.


Navigating Challenges: In the summer of 2023, "Engineers Without Borders, Los Angeles Chapter Tackles Connectivity." They needed volunteers and donors to be involved with reputable and impactful projects, necessitating continuous efforts to improve the quality of underprivileged communities. The chapter struggled to meet its fundraising goals and often lost potential volunteers due to limited connectivity.

"After talking with Dyuen Nguyen, then president of the LA chapter, I thought about what website design could do to help with this problem."


I initiated the project by engaging with board members, volunteers, and various stakeholders to gain insights into their workings. Traveling to Xecotz in Guatemala, I immersed myself in the community, documenting their narratives and capturing moments of volunteers actively contributing on-site. The objective was not only to collect content and imagery for the website but also to delve into the perspectives of our target audience, understanding their motivations for volunteering with Engineers Without Borders, even in challenging weather conditions. Choosing Guatemala strategically, as EWB concluded a project and sought new opportunities for volunteer recruitment, I aimed to tailor the site to resonate with their interests.

"Amidst the mission, I captured photos and videos, braving Xecotz, which means Landslides, to convey the essence of the experience."

"Empowering Communities: My Transformative Journey with Engineers Without Borders in Xecotz, Guatemala in 2023."

ux Research

Upon returning from our journey, I meticulously reviewed my notes and reflections. To ensure that the design wasn't merely aesthetically pleasing. I also ensured it functioned effectively and structured the design around various volunteer stories collected during and after my fieldwork.

  • Maria, an engineer considering a career lift, explores the Engineers Without Borders website to understand the benefits of joining the organization and to check for available opportunities after learning about it from a colleague.

  • Carlos, an existing EWB volunteer, aims to showcase the positive work environment and culture to others. He visits the website to put compelling content like upcoming events that authentically portray the volunteer experience.

  • Unfamiliar with Engineers Without Borders, Emma is approached by another humanitarian organization for donations. Before committing, she searched online for similar organizations in her area and discovered Engineers Without Borders, Los Angeles Professional Chapter.


Commencing with sticky notes and mapping out user flows, I progressed to sketching ideas and user journeys. Given the prior concept approval from the leadership team, I faced some constraints but worked to balance a distinct visual style for our volunteer-focused site and the overarching Engineers Without Borders brand. The challenge lay in creating a visual identity that resonated with a unique audience while still feeling connected to the broader Engineers Without Borders ecosystem.

"The enhanced UX reflects the organization's dedication to humanitarian efforts and facilitates a seamless and inspiring volunteer experience. And through its lens, the story is a powerful tool for raising awareness, fostering empathy, and garnering continued support for Engineers Without Borders' vital humanitarian initiatives."


"A RESPONSIVE Design is a RESPONSIBLE Design." Most of our intended audience sought volunteering opportunities using mobile devices. Developing a website that presented well across all devices, retained its purposeful design, and adhered to a robust grid structure for a cohesive and organized appearance became imperative.

"The website is a multifaceted tool for EWB. Its importance lies in effectively conveying the organization's mission, engaging volunteers, and facilitating the necessary connections to advance humanitarian engineering projects and initiatives."

"Emphasizing the IMPACT of the Organization." In the realm of humanitarian efforts, numerous organizations are contributing to meaningful causes, but Engineers Without Borders stands out for its unparalleled impact. Our focus is deliberately directed towards portraying this impact through compelling imagery and text. We aim to convey to our audience that this is not just another opportunity but a mission and cause worth dedicating oneself to.

Engineers Without Borders, Los Angeles Chapter, has monthly volunteer meetings where passion meets purpose! These gatherings provide an invaluable opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together, share experiences, and contribute to impactful projects. Whether a seasoned volunteer or a newcomer eager to make a difference, meetings are a hub of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and planning for the collective pursuit of engineering solutions that transform lives. Highlighting this aspect on our website is a powerful recruitment tool, emphasizing the meaningful impact volunteers can have in communities worldwide. 

"What I felt was a community committed to sustainable change."

UX Design

Identifying a significant pain point in our user experience, we recognized that the event page for Engineers Without Borders needed a big help. The existing layout was cluttered, challenging to update manually, and offered limited assistance in addressing user needs. In response, we implemented a revamped design, ensuring event details are easily readable, with options such as location, type, and date. Additionally, users can now efficiently browse through previous events, streamlining the process and enhancing overall usability.

Photography & Video

Rather than boasting only about the organization's greatness and accomplishments, we felt it was essential to focus on the Communities, who showed us gratitude for helping them despite being unable to close the project successfully due to Natural disasters. Through the impactful use of images and videos, we highlighted the breaking of barriers by people through heroic collaboration between Engineers Without Borders and communities worldwide. This storytelling approach elevated their collective efforts to a brave endeavor, symbolizing a shared commitment to positive change on a global scale.