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Big Brother


Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and poor health, a figure emerged, seemingly straight out of a Dramatic novel. This person, whom you and your friends look up to as glamorous and successful, is now in front of you, shrouded in an air of distress and desolation.

Their facade was that of a person in dire need, someone who had been used and manipulated by everyone around them. With eyes that betrayed a deep longing for freedom, they sought solace in the promises of a new beginning, whispered across oceans, in the land of opportunity – America.

As fate would have it, these individuals stood before someone they knew well, someone successful and influential – someone who held the key to their liberation aspirations. With a beguiling charm and a well-rehearsed script, they appealed to the ego of their acquaintance, weaving tales of connections to coveted jobs and influential figures.

But behind the facade of vulnerability lay a cunning strategy. They probed, subtly inquiring about their acquaintance's circle, visa status, and job. With promises of better opportunities and introductions to influential individuals, they sought to ensnare their unwitting benefactor.

Yet, like a phantom in the night, they vanished as quickly as they appeared, leaving only questions and shattered illusions behind. The stage had been set, the act meticulously performed, and they had played their part to perfection, leaving their mark as actors in life's grand theater.

Another chapter of life unfolded, marked by individuals seeking refuge and assistance from those they admired. These seekers, with dreams of love and success, are approached with tales of needing shelter and transport while harboring aspirations of marrying the person of their dreams – someone already thriving in life.

They introduced their admired acquaintance to their beloved with charm and persuasion, weaving a narrative of romance and destiny. Yet, beneath the surface lurked a tangled web of manipulation. As tensions arose between the couple, they deftly maneuvered, tempting their acquaintance to intervene, subtly insinuating that failure to do so would imply favoritism and betrayal.

Their motives were clear – observing and exploiting financial resources while skillfully employing music and psychic allure elements to further their schemes. Like puppeteers orchestrating a delicate dance, they manipulated emotions and perceptions to their advantage while keeping a watchful eye on their benefactor's circle.

In this intricate play of desire and deceit, the stage was set for a drama where lines between reality and illusion blurred, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and apprehension. And amidst it all, the unsuspecting acquaintances were entangled in a web spun by those who sought to use their generosity for their ends. They are Architects.

A familiar face emerged from the shadows, someone who knew the acquaintance intimately. They approached with a confident stride and a knowing smile, promising to utilize connections, unlock financial potential, and propel their career to unprecedented heights.

With a deep understanding of the acquaintance's desires and ambitions, this individual spoke with conviction about leveraging their network, seizing lucrative opportunities, and navigating the intricate pathways of success. They painted a vivid picture of a future adorned with wealth, influence, and acclaim, tantalizing their acquaintance with the prospect of realizing their fullest potential.

With each word carefully chosen, they outlined strategies for maximizing resources, harnessing the power of relationships, and charting a course toward prosperity. Their confidence was infectious, their guidance reassuring as they wove a narrative of triumph and achievement.

Yet, amidst the allure of grandiose promises, a whisper of caution lingered in the air. Behind the veil of encouragement and empowerment lay the subtle dance of manipulation, as this familiar figure sought to wield influence and control over their acquaintance's journey to success.

In this intricate dance of ambition and manipulation, the stage was set for a captivating tale of aspiration and intrigue, where the boundaries between ally and opportunist blurred, and the actual cost of ambition hung in the balance. And as the curtains rose on this compelling narrative, only time would reveal the outcome of this captivating encounter. They are Directors. They bring down your security. 

In the bustling cityscape, a new character, a seemingly innocent student with wide-eyed enthusiasm and a thirst for adventure, entered the scene. They approached their acquaintance with tales of Visa, Marriage, and Career, triggering you of your unforgettable experiences with the Actor, Architect, and Director, enticing you with the allure of a journey to Thailand.

With an air of excitement, the student painted a vivid picture of learning from your past failures and needing your mentorship. 


Yet, beneath the surface of wanderlust and adventure lay a darker motive. This student sought to exploit their acquaintance's connections, wealth, and health with cunning and calculation. Under friendship and camaraderie, they skillfully maneuvered to extract resources, subtly probing for access to their network, financial assets, and well-being.

Each step closer to Thailand made the student's true intentions more explicit. They sought companionship and a means to satisfy their desires at the expense of their unsuspecting acquaintance. They manipulated emotions and perceptions through flattery and persuasion, weaving a web of deceit and exploitation.

As the journey unfolded, the true nature of the student's intentions began to emerge, casting a shadow over the once-promising adventure. In the dazzling lights of Bangkok or amidst the tranquil beauty of Thai beaches, the acquaintance was ensnared in a web of deception, their connections, wealth, and health at risk of being exploited for the student's gain.

In this tale of temptation and treachery, the stage was set for a harrowing journey where trust would be tested, and the actual cost of friendship would be revealed amidst the vibrant landscapes of Thailand. And as the journey reached its climax, only time would tell whether the acquaintance would emerge unscathed or fall victim to the student's cunning machinations. The student is the designer. If the student wins, they successfully extracted your wealth of information and connections.

This is how people lure you to create a company, network, and jobs, only to steal them from you—exploitation of Caste or background to keep you poor.  

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