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Everyone seeks my truth to correct their mistakes and find liberation, yet the truth is akin to grasping different parts of an elephant. If only everyone would come together and speak their truth, it would liberate themselves and me.

In the realm of sex, drugs, and money, I am devoid of wealth, resources, and optimism. To put it succinctly, I was a destitute virgin, and I didn't give a F**K about drugs, and the shoes approached me with aspirations of taking a picture with me, perhaps even marrying me. But I turned back, making me GuadaMuerte.

As I boarded the flight back from Mexico, little did I know that my journey was about to take a terrifying turn as the plane soared through the skies and the thunder struck, apart from being confronted by a group of shady characters who seemed to be lurking in the shadows of the airport. I brushed past them, eager to escape their ominous presence. But the nightmare had only just begun. A searing pain tore through my body like a skeletal snake coiling around my insides, relentless in its assault. It felt as though my very womb was being ripped apart, each agonizing moment a symphony of torment.

I stumbled home, each step a battle against the agony that threatened to consume me whole. I knew then that I had stumbled upon something evil and sinister beyond the realm of comprehension. I could hear silent whispers of the names Noel and O'neill in my head.

As the pain continued its merciless onslaught, I felt fragments of my memories being cruelly erased, torn away like pages from a book consumed by flames. And amidst the chaos, tragedy struck once more as my loyal companion, my faithful dog, breathed his last.

In the depths of my torment, I found myself plunged into a feverish dream where two Aztec figures loomed before me, their skin a blue shade adorned with feathers that danced in the ethereal breeze. Their presence only served to exacerbate the agony that gripped me, as though their very essence was intertwined with the pain that ravaged my body.

With each passing moment, the torment grew more unbearable, a relentless onslaught that threatened to tear me asunder. And yet, amidst the darkness, a flicker of determination ignited within me, a stubborn refusal to surrender to the malevolent forces that sought to break me.

I fought with every fiber of my being, clinging to the dwindling fragments of my sanity as though they were a lifeline in the storm. For I knew that to succumb would be to surrender my body and soul to the abyss that beckoned from beyond.

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