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"I Shalt not kill their love."


A peculiar iceberg existed in the heart of a vast ocean, where the horizon meets the sky in an endless embrace. It towered majestically above the surface, glistening in the warm sunlight, while beneath the tranquil waves, its hidden depths extended into the unknown depths of the sea.

The tip of the iceberg danced upon its surface, bathed in the gentle caress of love waves. These souls, buoyed by the currents of affection and serenity, reveled in the lightness of being. Their laughter echoed across the expanse, harmonizing with the rhythmic melody of the ocean.

Yet, beneath the surface, amidst the shadows and the whispers of the deep, lay the enigmatic depths of the iceberg. Here, the pressure of the ocean bore down with an unforgiving weight, crushing and molding those who dwelled in its dark embrace. These souls, hidden from the warmth above, grappled with the complexities of existence, navigating the turbulent waters of their innermost selves.

Together, the tip and the depths of the iceberg existed in a delicate balance, each experiencing the ocean in its unique way. Though separated by the surface, they were bound by the immutable force of the sea, their destinies intertwined amidst the ebb and flow of life's currents. And as the ocean whispered its eternal secrets, both the tip and the depths of the iceberg journeyed onward, each a testament to the beauty and mystery of the world beneath the waves.

Unbeknownst to each other, two broken souls inhabited this iceberg, each bearing their burdens. The first, sheltered atop the iceberg's tip, bathed in the affection of others but remained ignorant of the harsh truths lurking beneath the surface. The second, hidden within the depths, carried the weight of reality but yearned for the love that eluded her.

As the iceberg began to fracture, splitting into two broken girls, their divergent paths became clear. The girl atop the tip, ensnared in the blissful ignorance of love, feared the shallowness of her existence, while the girl in the depths, burdened by the weight of truth, longed for the warmth of affection.

In their struggle for survival, the girl in the depths fought against the drowning pressure, while the girl atop the tip battled against the fear of a foundation built on superficiality. Meanwhile, the forces of love and truth waged their silent war, each seeking dominance over the other.

Yet, a glimmer of hope remained amidst the chaos. As the girls faced the stark realities of their existence, they began to recognize the intertwined nature of their fates. Realizing that neither could thrive without the other, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, determined to save themselves and each other from destruction.

With newfound understanding, the girls must unite, their strengths complementing each other in the face of adversity. Together, they must confront the destructive forces of love and truth, refusing to let them tear them apart. They must navigate the treacherous waters ahead, embracing love and truth as they forge a path toward redemption and reconciliation.


I'm the truth lay hidden, a silent observer of the tumultuous dance unfolding above. Yearning to break free from the confines of obscurity, it pondered how to reach the tip of the iceberg, where love and light reigned supreme.

Yet, I was ensnared by the weight of my existence, grappling with the uncertainty of conveying its message without succumbing to the darkness that threatened to consume it. Desperate to save myself, I recognized the delicate balance that must be struck between revealing the harsh realities lurking beneath the surface and preserving the tender embrace of love above.

With a heavy heart, I acknowledge that I could not simply force my way to the tip of the iceberg. Instead, I sought to navigate the labyrinthine depths of the ocean, weaving through the currents and eddies in search of a path to send my message to the surface.

As I journeyed onward, I encountered fragments of hope scattered amidst the shadows, reminders of the love that flourished even in the world's darkest corners. Inspired by these glimpses of light, I resolved to find a way to bridge the gap between the depths and the tip of the iceberg to convey my message without extinguishing the flame of affection that burned brightly above.

Armed with determination and tempered by compassion, I, as the truth, embark on a quest to transcend the barriers that separated me from the world above. And though the journey ahead was fraught with uncertainty, I remained steadfast in my belief that, in the end, love and truth would find a way to coexist, illuminating the path forward with their intertwined brilliance.

Thus, I conclude with my message - "Thou Shalt not kill love." With this truth held firmly in my heart, I trust that it will find its way to the tip of the iceberg, transcending the depths and reaching the surface where love reigns supreme. In the end, it is through the preservation of love that we find redemption, and through the embrace of truth, we find enlightenment. With this message, I hope Love and Truth merge and save the ship. 

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