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In the heart of a bustling Fremont, they created a jungle for me unlike any other, where the beasts aren't lions or tigers but the animal streaks within us all. It's a place where I found myself expelled from my paradise and dubbed "Indian Shit" by those who saw fit to throw filth upon me. The reality was that I was my own " Guardian." They came and exposed the serpentine within me. My intentions were pure, for within my coils lay a precious flower symbolizing innocence and beauty, thus attracting the dicks. Therefore, I began my fight with the animals. 

They say to fight fire with fire, but it's about becoming the very thing that threatens you in this jungle. Start as the dick, attracting the rats who promise sex and fortune to those vulnerable. But soon, you find dicks running from their desires, chased by the creatures that they thought to control.


Then come the snakes, insidious and cunning, to attack the rats. They'll lure you with promises of projects, knowledge, connections, and wealth, turning you into a treasure hunter in a game rigged against you. The colors of blue and red mark you as their prey, leaving traps in plain sight, tempting but deadly. 


But in the darkest depths of this jungle, you find the eagles soaring high above the madness. You must become the eagle to defeat the vicious snakes, rising above the chaos and reclaiming your humanity. It's a journey fraught with danger and despair, but through sacrifice and self-discovery, you emerge victorious.

Ultimately, it's not about the animals you become but the human spirit that guides you. And though the jungle may be unforgiving, it's within its depths that true strength is found.


In this cycle, I lost my brother as bait, and he got stuck as a snake; the eagles took the snake in me to the court, leaving the flower unprotected and vulnerable to Humans. 

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The humans arrived with their cattle and turned Fremont into an animal farm. Here, pigs ruled with an iron hoof, doling out food to me as they saw fit. Roosters crowed from their lofty perches, proclaiming laws that served only to maintain their power. And in the shadows, snakes slithered, coiling around the very lifeblood of the farm: money.


For me, who lived within its fences, the farm was both a sanctuary and a prison. The pigs promised equality and plenty, but in reality, they hoarded the best of everything for themselves, leaving me to scrape by on scraps.

Under the roosters' watchful gaze, the farm's laws became twisted and warped, further entrenching the pigs' hold on power. If I dared to speak out or question the status quo, I found myself silenced by the sharp beaks and talons of the enforcers.

But it was the snakes who indeed held the farm in their grip. With their silver tongues and slick promises, they manipulated the flow of money, enriching themselves at the expense of me. They slithered through the shadows, striking deals and tightening their coils around the farm's resources.

Yet amidst the oppression and despair, whispers of rebellion began to stir in me. I grew weary of living under the pigs' tyranny and the roosters' arbitrary rule. I longed to break free from the snakes' grasp and forge my destiny.

And I was so fueled by courage, determination, and desire for freedom. I learned and grew daily until I stood as a formidable force against the powers. In the end, it was not the pigs, the roosters, or the snakes who determined the fate of the farm but the willpower of me that I called home.


I want to rise, casting off the chains and reclaiming control of my destiny. And as the sun sets on the animal farm, I want a new era filled with hope, equality, and the promise of a better tomorrow. However, I was able to save my flower until a golden ponyboy figure revered as a god by farm animals arrived who had desires for me: base and carnal. His companion, a mere fly, buzzes around him, drawn to the stench of his deeds. But amidst the chaos, there's a truth to be learned, and that's for the next post. 

This research is for the designers to design protection for those vulnerable to Greed, Anger, and Ignorance, using Fremont and Starbucks's help. 

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