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The Pitch


Across the city, I went to the investor's office, my heart pounding with anticipation. This was the moment to pitch my vision, passion, and dream. The success of my first film ignited a fire, driving me to seek the resources to bring my next project to life.


But as I stepped into the investor's office, excitement gave way to apprehension. He sat behind his desk, slouched in his chair, his eyes heavy with fatigue. It was evident he had little interest in what I had to say. Undeterred, I launched into my pitch, pouring my heart and soul into every word, hoping to ignite even a spark of enthusiasm in him.

Yet, as I spoke, his eyes glazed over, his head drooping lower with each passing moment. It was as if he were asleep, not just physically but mentally, too. And then, when I finally finished, expecting some feedback or even a nod of acknowledgment, all I received was a dismissive grunt.

Feeling frustrated and disappointed, I stood there, my confidence waning with every passing second. And then, as if to add insult to injury, he spoke, his words dripping with condescension.

"You're a talented woman who'll always be suppressed in this industry. Unless, of course, you join forces with a group of more... formidable individuals."

His words hit me like a punch to the gut, a stark reminder of the challenges I faced simply because of my gender. Tears welled up in my eyes, not just from his callousness but from the realization that, in his eyes, my potential would always be limited by my gender.

I left his office that day feeling small, my dreams overshadowed by the weight of his prejudice. But deep down, I knew his words wouldn't define me. If anything, they only fueled my determination to prove him wrong—to carve out a space for myself in an industry that overlooked the voices of women like me too often.

As I stood in the investor's office, pouring my heart into my pitch, I couldn't shake the sinking feeling that I was already invisible to him. His attention drifted, and his eyes lit up only when a young man stepped in to present his ideas.


Suddenly, the investor was animated, hanging on every word the boy said. It was a bitter pill to swallow, realizing that my gender and perhaps my background were working against me at that moment. But I refused to let it break me.

Leaving his office, I nursed wounds of both indignation and determination. I wouldn't forgive him for dismissing me, for taking my talent for granted simply because of who I was. But I knew I couldn't let his prejudice define me.

Before I could truly move forward, however, I had to confront a truth that cut deeper than his words: my privilege. As an educated, talented, and charming woman from an upper-class background in India, I have been afforded opportunities and platforms that others could only dream of. It was a stark realization that many talented individuals, simply by being minorities or lacking privilege, might never receive the recognition they deserved.

So, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to understand the experiences of those who had been ignored and marginalized. It was a humbling experience, confronting my privilege while grappling with the reality of being overlooked myself. But through it all, I refused to be silenced. I channeled my frustration into a relentless pursuit, determined to carve out a space for myself in an industry that too often favored the familiar faces of privilege. And though the road ahead was uncertain, I walked it with my head held high, knowing that my voice, talent, and resilience would carry me through.

A resolve took hold of me—a promise to myself and those who had faced similar struggles. Tomorrow, if I succeed, I will not let anyone or myself take my position as a successful American for granted. Instead, I would extend my hand to those who stood where I once did, offering guidance, support, and equal opportunity.

With this newfound determination fueling my every step, I rose every dawn, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. I want to lay a path of victory for every woman, every minority, and every individual who has been overlooked and underestimated in this world for simply being different.

I remain steadfast in my commitment. I would not forget the struggles that had brought me here or disregard those who still faced barriers on their path to success. I honor my pledge, reaching out to budding talents, offering mentorship, and opening doors that had once been closed to me. And with each opportunity extended, each hand lifted, I want the ripple effects of change spreading far and wide.

True success, I realized, was not measured solely by personal achievement but by the ability to uplift others to create a world where everyone had the chance to thrive. As I looked toward the horizon, I saw my own dreams being fulfilled and countless others taking flight alongside mine.

Embrace the freedom of not being confined by labels—whether of group, caste, visa status, citizenship, or any other circle.

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