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Where Is Home?


The sentiment expressed by Buddha that the world is so sweet that he desired to prolong his life at the moment of his passing resonates deeply with me. Despite the undeniable darkness that often pervades Sweet Mother Earth, it's important to acknowledge the abundant light that graces our existence. From the Avatars and Buddhas to Angels, Gods, and remarkable Individuals, the world is illuminated by an array of luminous beings that counterbalance more than the imbalance perceived by the darkness.

Despite my current status as a homeless tech individual confined to a solitary room, my mind transcends boundaries, traversing diverse corners of our world. I am enveloped in a profound sense of love and inclusion. Whether relishing a moonlit dinner on a secluded island in Puerta Vallarta, savoring a morning cup of tea amidst the tranquil zen gardens of Kyoto, or enjoying homemade meals with family in Bangalore, each experience resonates deeply within me. Through my travels and the possibilities of technology, I am afforded glimpses into countries that embody my ideal notions of home, weather, art, culture, and spiritual connection.

In the face of adversity and suffering, one may question how I continue to embrace love for my neighbors, family, friends, and even countries. While I may not have a definitive answer to this, I have encountered moments that have impacted my understanding of love. Despite encountering confusion and disdain from specific individuals, I witnessed those eyes radiate love and warmth toward others. This realization profoundly affected me. It taught me that not everyone expresses love in the manner we anticipate, but it doesn't diminish their capacity to love. They direct their affection elsewhere.

Understanding this aspect of human nature, I chose to step away from situations where I felt unreciprocated affection. Even when presented with opportunities to retaliate or diminish the love they directed toward others, I refrained. Instead, I relinquished my attachment because I desired the best for them, believing that love should never be extinguished. "Thou Shalt Not Kill Love."

Similarly, just because I may not receive the love I expect from a particular individual doesn't mean someone else is not awaiting me with open arms. This belief was reinforced during college when I observed a teacher sacrificing her identity to educate children different from her culture and race. Witnessing the anticipation and excitement in the eyes of those children as they waited for her at the train station left an indelible impression on me. Through her example, I learned that a person or individuals will always be eagerly awaiting our arrival, ready to embrace us with love and acceptance. You will see the same spark in their eyes, except this time, it is for you. 

Armed with my modest wisdom, I embark on a quest to discover where my heart truly belongs, where eager eyes await me with love and affection. Yet, this journey is no easy feat, for my heart has been claimed by many, and though I perceive love and warmth in the eyes of those around me, it's not always intended for me. So, I wait to look into the eyes of the heart I claimed.

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